Cancellation conditions & Personal Data Protection


All the cancellations have to be sent by e-mail to
Cancellations before March 01, 2023 – full refund deducting handling fee of 30 EUR.
Cancellations from March 01, 2023 to April 01, 2023  –  refund of 50% deducting handling fee of 30 EUR.
Cancellations after April 01, 2023 –  no refund




If you use, visit and browse these websites, you accept and agree on collecting the user's personal data necessary for the realization of our services. You can find the explanation on the purpose of collecting and using the user's personal data everywhere on our websites, on data collection spots and on various forms and blank forms.

We commit to protect our customers' privacy. We collect only the user data necessary for the realization of our services. All user data are strongly protected and available only to the employees to whom they are necessary for performing services. We share with our partners (for example, hoteliers, transporters, airlines) only the data necessary for the realization of their services. All our employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.

The data collected in this way are never used for the purposes of promotion. The data which we use for the purpose of promotion are collected exclusivity via other forms, for example, a newsletter in which the user is familiar with the purpose of using his email address.

If you have any questions regarding the mentioned above or you want to verify with us the status of your personal data and delete them from all our archives and records, please contact us via the following email: